Vita: Last Days
of the Present

A novel for those who thinks about the future..

Welcome to my personal web-site.
My name is Diego Vita Vidal, I am a humble writer and author.

This website is dedicated to provide you information about my new novel:

«Vita: The Last Days of the Present». I will share my latest news and plans dedicated to my publishing here.

My dream is to bring together as many people as I can, people that do care about our beautiful planet.

People like me, who are sure that there is not a single convincing reason for starting any war.

After the publication of the novel in the U.S., I am planning to launch a project in which you can also participate if you wish.

Let's be in touch!

Sincerely yours, Diego Vita Vidal.
A writer, a person and perhaps your neighbor.

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Latest News:


"Vita: the last days of the present" will have a sequel!


I have the opportunity to publish a book in Russian
this summer without lengthy procedures and painful approvals!


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I am happy to share great news with everyone who already knows about Vita: The Last Days of the Present.